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Advantages Of Skid Steer Over The Tire Tracks

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There are many advantages to running skid steer over the tire tracks on your machine and we’re going to go over a few of them with you in this segment. A huge concern a lot of Owner / Operators have about purchasing OTT Tracks are first foremost Pricing. So we want to kind of break it down so you can weigh our options so you can justify yourself why you should invest in tracks for your machine, based off the applications you may be running in.

The biggest advantage of running over the tire tracks are traction and enhanced mobility. OTT Tracks will allow you to travel over obstacles much more easily, such as medium size tree branches, gravel piles, and demolition debris. Also you’ll gain more flotation allowing you to move more aggressively in soft soils such as mud, sand, and clay.

In years past we used, and offered the “all rubber” over the tire track systems, and that style really wasn’t bad at all until you damaged one of the tracks. Especially when they cost about 20% to 30% more than the steel link system. Because they are not repairable you would have to replace that entire track, and that wasn’t a cheap solution. Inventory wasn’t always available and Dealers did not want to break up a pair so you could buy just one side. They also wasn’t easy on the tires either. Because the wing guides were also rubber coated, they created a lot of friction causing excessive wear on the tires sidewall. Before you knew it you were looking to replace the tires because of that alone.

Prowler offers three OTT Track options, and they are;

The Predators are nice solution for enhanced traction and mobility. They are a bit lighter in weight and cost and will allow you to operate in areas most wheeled machine can’t.

The Fusions can run both with and without rubber pads depending on the area your working within. Because the Fusion links have a flat plate that runs the full width of the track, it will provide a bit more flotation over the Predators, so if you’re moving large bales of hay in wet fields, or pallets of bricks over sand, the Fusions are an excellent selection. If you at times need to run over pavement or asphalt you can install the rubber pads to protect these areas from scaring.

The Stealth Series Rubber OTT Tracks have a 1″ wider footprint over the Fusion tracks, and can only be ran with the rubber pads installed. They are the smoothest riding tracks that we offer, and Operators tend to favor these tracks because they do have less vibration over other types of OTT Tracks.

Rebuild kits are available, so when it comes time to replace the Pivot Bolts, Nuts, and Washers including the Linkage Arms (dog bones) we will always have those readily available. Compared to other OTT manufactures, our rebuild kits will cost much less and we encourage you to ask about that cost when shopping around.

We also have replacement rubber pads, and spare steel links for all three Prowler Series OTT Tracks on hand. So if you were to ever damage or break a steel link we can send you one or more depending on your needs.

Prowler offers the best solutions for your skid steer when it comes to increased flotation, mobility, and traction. Give us a call today to learn more about our superior Over The Tire Tracks and why we have an advantage over our competitors.


Prowler Fusion Over The Tire Tracks Video

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