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Prowler offers several tread options for our Bobcat Compact Track Loader CTL machinery. Each tread design was developed to provided maximum traction, performance, and service during operation. You’ll find that under certain job applications, Bobcat rubber tracks preform better than others depending on the tread and track design.

For example, Prowlers patented EXT (Extreme Traction) rubber track design performs best in snow and mud. However this same track would not be ideal for working on abrasive surfaces such as paved lots and roadways because you would not get the maximum service life out this track because it would wear more quickly. For abrasive surfaces Prowlers Staggered lock (RD) would be more ideal for those conditions, providing the best services life and performance.

We have 4 tread designs available for the Bobcat T180, T190, T200, T250, T300, T320 and 864 CTL equipment:

  • EXT – Extreme terrain
  • RD – Staggered block
  • C-Lug
  • MB – Multi-Bar

Each serves a specific purposes to provide the best service life and performance specific to the job type your performing.

If you buy our Bobcat rubber tracks today between now and Spring time, we can save you an additional 8% off our advertised price when you order over the phone.

Please give us a call at 877-477-6953 to learn more how our Bobcat tracks can help increase your job productivity. Thank you!

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