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Some newer or older Bobcat models may not be listed, and if so, does not mean we do not have them readily available. Optional track sizes may be available upon request too. If you do not see your particular Bobcat model, or alternate size please give us a call at 877-477-6953 and we will be glad to assist you.

Premium Grade Prowler Bobcat Rubber Tracks

Prowler Bobcat Rubber Tracks are uniquely designed to provide maximum efficiency and increased performance for every Excavator and Track Loader within its model line. It’s no secret, our innovated track designs have allowed us to be “The most trusted brand in the industry”. To assure that you continue getting the most out of your Bobcat Track Loader and Mini Excavator, you must be certain that the replacement rubber tracks you select for your machine can withstand three very important factors, and those are:

  • Rigid terrain, and harsh weather elements
  • Constant flexing and interaction with your machines undercarriage parts
  • The handling and experience of your machine operator

Prowler has focused on these three major factors, and have manufactured a Premium Grade Bobcat Replacement Rubber Track that is unmatched by any other aftermarket brand in our industry. Here is how we done it.

Prowler Premium Grade Rubber Track Design

Bobcat Mini Excavator Rubber Track Selection

Prowler Bobcat Mini Excavator rubber tracks come in a variety of sizes, each designed at the manufactures exact specifications for a proper fit every time. This eliminates the risk of de-tracking and excessive wear on your machine’s undercarriage parts and a increased service life. The extra thick lugs guarantee maximum traction, lower vibration, and better efficiency. Below are just a few tread patterns available in specific track widths. Some Bobcat models may have multiple tread styles and widths available, so be sure to ask your sales representative what tread options and specifications will work best for your machine.

300mm Wide

Prowler 300mm Excavator Track

320mm Wide

Prowler 320mm Excavator Track

350mm Wide

Prowler 350mm Excavator Track

400mm Wide

Prowler 400mm Excavator Track

Bobcat Compact Track Loader Rubber Track Selection

Prowler rubber tracks for Bobcat Track Loaders come in several optional tread styles, all designed specifically to better your machines performance and efficiency. Below is a description on how each tread style was designed to perform. If your unsure which tread style would best help you lower your operating cost and better your production, give us a call at 877-477-6953 for more assistance. Read more about Compact Track Loader Tread Options.

AT Series

Prowler AT Series Rubber Tracks

RD Series

Prowler RD Series Rubber Tracks

C-Lug Series

Prowler C-Lug Series Rubber Tracks

EXT Series

Prowler EXT Series Rubber Tracks

Bobcat Mini Skid Steer Rubber Track Selection

Prowler Bobcat Mini Skid Steer Loader rubber tracks provide excellent traction and flotation, and available in a few tread style options. You may choose from the aggressive OEM style, or Prowlers patented Diamondback “turf friendly” tread design depending on the applications you operate within.

180mm Wide

Prowler Mini Skid Steer 180mm Track

230mm Wide

Prowler Mini Skid Steer 230mm Track

250mm Wide

Prowler Mini Skid Steer 250mm Track


Prowler Mini Skid Steer Diamondback Track