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Premium Grade Rubber Track for the CAT 297C

Premium Grade TracksMake Prowler your first choice for Premium Grade Quality aftermarket rubber tracks for your CAT 297C Multi-Terrain Loader.

After years of product testing and innovative engineering, Prowler out-perform all other aftermarket brands with our latest technology in mold tooling and rubber formulation. Prowler offers the most modern track structure and tread pattern designs, resulting in unmatched performance, practical usability, and increased service life for construction equipment use.

ProwlerÂ’s FST (Flexural Strength Techniques) production process incorporates an inner-layering of rubber made of a lower durometer rubber, providing flexibility for the dynamic portions of the track. The outer layer of the rubber track is constructed with a higher durometer rubber to provide the ultimate level of wear and abrasion protection for your new CAT 297C track.

Prowler MTL Tracks were designed to serve five significant purposes;

  • Superior Mobility and Efficiency
  • Reduced Track Wear
  • Lower Vibration
  • Increased Flotation
  • Lower Ground Disturbance

Since the CAT 297C Multi-Terrain Loader tracks are non-metal core, they have to be reinforced with many layers of Aramid Kevlar Fabric. This provides superior strength and durability so that you get dependable service and reliability use.

CAT 297C Track Size

Make CAT
Model 297C
Width (mm) 457
Width (in) 18″
Pitch (mm) 101.6
Links 51-3R
MTL Rubber Track Design

Multi-Terrain Loader Lug Types

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51 Lug Multi-Terrain Loader Track
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