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Some newer or older Morooka models may not be listed, and if so, does not mean we do not have them readily available. Optional track sizes may be available upon request too. If you do not see your particular Morooka model, or alternate size please give us a call at 877-477-6953 and we will be glad to assist you.

Prowler Rubber Tracks for Morooka Carrier Dumpers

Prowler Morooka Rubber Tracks are uniquely designed to provide maximum efficiency and increased performance for every Tracked Carrier Dumper within its model line. It’s no secret – our innovated track designs have allowed us to be “The most trusted brand in the industry”. To assure that you continue getting the most out of your Morooka Carrier Dumper, you must be certain that the replacement rubber tracks you select for your machine can withstand three very important factors, and they are:

  • Rigid terrain, and harsh weather elements
  • Constant flexing and interaction with your Morooka Carriers undercarriage
  • The handling and experience of your machine operator
      Prowler has focused on these three major design concerns, and have manufactured a Morooka aftermarket rubber track system that are unmatched by any other aftermarket brand in our industry. Here is how we done it.

Morooka Carrier Track Design

  • A: Prowlers dual Flexural Strength Technique (FST) uses a softer compound on the inner layer of the track allowing the necessary flexibility needed to prevent abnormal wear and tear from constant flexing and engagement with your undercarriage, and a much harder outer layer for increased durability.
  • B: Continuous, “Splice Free” steel cables wrapped tightly within provide the overall strength to your track and prevents warping during the curing process.
  • C: Vulcanized rubber wraps the inner band of steel cords to help protect them from deep gouges from hazardous debris that could penetrate your track.
  • D: Heavy-duty “Non-Pinch” steel links provide a solid foundation for your track rollers to travel across, and the strength needed to allow your drive sprocket to grasp firmly upon.
600x100 Rubber Track Tread Style