Prowler Toro Dingo Rubber Track Sales

Prowler Toro Dingo STX16 Replacement Rubber Tracks

Toro Dingo STX16 Rubber Track Specs
Make Model Track Size Width (in) Width (mm) Pitch (mm) Links
Toro Dingo STX16 149x88x22 6 Inch Wide 149 88 22
Prowler Premium Grade Rubber Tracks – Est. 1998

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Toro Dingo STX16 Premium Aftermarket Rubber Tracks

Premium Grade TracksMake Prowler your first choice for Premium Grade Quality aftermarket rubber tracks for your Toro Dingo STX16 Mini Skid Steer Loader.

After years of product testing and innovative engineering, Prowler out-performs all other aftermarket brands with our latest technology in rubber molds and formulation. Prowler offers a state-of-the-art rubber track design accompanied by a high flotation tread pattern that gives your Toro Dingo STX16 unmatched efficiency, cross-application usability, and increased service life.

Prowler’s Mini Skid Steer tracks are made of a high durometer rated rubber to make them very puncture resistant, and the heavy duty drive lugs are molded to the inner circumference of the track in a manner that significantly reduces any chance of delamination when engaging your Toro Dingo STX16 undercarriage components such as the drive wheel and lower bogies. The outer circumference of the track is composed of a high durometer rated rubber that provides the utmost level of heat, puncture, and abrasion resistance.

The Prowler Mini Skid Steer Loader tread pattern for the Toro Dingo STX16 is not simply designed for brand identity, it serves five significant purposes;

  • High flotation for minimal ground disturbance
  • Superior mobility and efficiency
  • Improved track wear and durability
  • Reduced track vibration
  • Increased service life for a lower hourly operating cost

Prowler’s production facility began producing the annular splice free (continuous wound cable) rubber track in 1998, upgrading its overall quality and strength. In 2005 Prowler combined with other manufacturers to help engineer a rubber track that would bring together all the benefits of the joining supply companies. The result of our efforts was the development of a premium grade rubber track that met the demands of our clients nationwide.

Toro Dingo STX16 Track

Toro Dingo STX16 Rubber Track

Premium Grade Design

Premium Kevlar Aramid Rubber Track Design

The Toro Dingo STX16 may have more than one track width option and tread pattern. Please give us a call or request a quote to learn more. Thank you!