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Get To Know Your Skid Steer Attachment Before Use

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CautionJust got a new attachment, or looking to add some new attachments to your arsenal? Before attempting to use your new attachment, it is important to go through basic procedures to familiarize yourself with your attachment. In addition to addressing safety concerns, taking a few minutes to run through this list will help prevent damage to your machine and/or your new attachment. Please give Prowler a call at 877-477-6953 if you have any questions or concerns about your new skid steer attachment. This procedure is important regardless of what brand or type of attachment you have purchased, new or used.

  • Carefully hook up your new skid steer attachment to your quick attach. Safety First! Stay away from pinch points, etc.
  • If applicable, hook up the hydraulic hose/coupler assemblies to your skid steer. All Prowler attachments come with modern, industry standard “Flat Face” style couplers. If your machine has the old Pioneer style, please contact us for a replacement set.
  • Slowly utilize the hydraulic function of the attachment in both directions; Slowly “roll” the attachment all the way forward and rearward; Slowly raise and lower the attachment fully. Stop immediately if you notice any problem areas.
    • Check for leaks.
    • Check that the hydraulic hoses are long enough that they do not get pulled loose if the attachment is rolled all the way forward.
    • Check for clearance in any areas where the attachment may come into contact with your machine. This is especially important on root grapples, demolition grapples, when rolled all the way back.

Remember, attachment specifications, grapple opening sizes, hose length, etc. are designed for maximum efficiency across all makes and models. Some machines may require longer hoses. Some attachments may come into contact with machine loader arms, aux hydraulic outlets, etc. on certain models. Be sure that your attachment is set up to work with the make and model you are putting it on and address any areas of concern before putting your new or new-to-you attachments into service. This same procedure should be followed for Telehandlers, compact track loaders, Utility tractors, mini wheel loaders, or any machine that utilizes the quick attach style hookup.

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