Used or blemished Rubber Tracks for sale

Used rubber tracksWelcome to the Prowler used rubber tracks page. Here you can find bargain pricing on blemished, used and overstock parts for compact track loaders, mini excavators and skid steers. On this page you can also find that we offer over the tire tracks and undercarriage parts. Any part that is overstocked, blemished, aged, discontinued or has reason to be offered a discount can be found here.

The majority of the parts on this page have been acquired from installation and service work that we perform right here at our own facilities. Some of the items have also been acquired from trade-ins. If a customer brings in a machine to get service work done or preventive maintenance, the replaced parts may still be useable. Also, if by chance the customer damaged or broke a track, but one side is still good, we may acquire the used part that way. Another scenario could be if the product was damaged during a shipment or just general handling in the warehouse. Occasionally the wrong size may be shipped and an attempted installation may occur. In such a case, the part will no longer be sold as new even though it has never been used. Essentially, this is the ideal situation to save money as you can still purchase a part that is basically new while saving as much as 50% off the list price.

Although we update frequently, feel free to call in and check if we have the size you need. Because of Prowler’s extensive line of products, we often have a variety of sizes for many makes and models. We have numerous other parts for ASV, CAT, Bobcat, Case, Takeuchi, Komatsu, Kubota and many more. Also, here at our Indiana facilities, we have a large number of unusable tracks. Although they are not suitable for usage on a machine, we often recycle, re-purpose and reuse these rubber tracks in alternative ways. Many people cut them and use them for sidewalks, irrigation trenches, raised beds for gardening or any other use you may think of. You can get these rubber tracks or other parts for free in bulk, where you only pay for the shipping. With the Prowler Recycle Reuse Program, we also accept tracks you may have laying around your shop or warehouse. In this instance you pay only the freight cost and we will accept these old worn out tracks. Considering landfills do not accept rubber tracks in many states, this may be an alternative option for you and your business to free up space and help protect our environment.

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Conditions Explained

  • NOS = New Old Stock (been in inventory more than 1 year)
  • BLEM = Blemished (was slightly damaged or scarred)
  • USED = Used Prowler Track (has more than 1 hour of use)
  • UNK = Used Unknown (other track brand)