Highly Durable Compact Loader Rubber Track Design

Heat, friction and environmental hazards are the enemy when it comes to rubber track longevity. At Prowler, we are keeping ahead of the competition by supplying one of the industry’s highest quality rubber track systems for Compact Track Loaders (CTL). The manufacturing process follows strict ISO 9001 Quality Standards. Through extensive research and design we have continually manufactured CTL Rubber Tracks that provide reliable service and help lower your operating cost. Here are a few of the ways our CTL track system helps minimize the hazards you and your machine encounter

Compact Track Loader Rubber Track Design
  • A: Extra deep, heat resistant lugs provide longer hours of superior traction over various terrain including mud, dirt, sand, clay, gravel and asphalt.
  • B: Heavy duty steel embedded links provide a smooth rolling path for your track loader’s undercarriage.
  • C: A thick carcass made with highly durable all natural rubber and synthetics give our tracks maximum chunk and gouge resistance.
  • D: Continuously wound steel cables, wrapped in vulcanized rubber allow our tracks to maintain their reliable strength over time.

Rubber Track Tread Design Options for Compact Track Loaders

Prowler RD Series Rubber Tracks

The RD Series Rubber Track pattern is a common OEM pattern that comes installed on factory direct compact track loaders. The staggered block is a general purpose tread pattern and is available for most compact track loader equipment such John Deere CT322 CT332, Bobcat T190 T200 T300, Case 420CT 440CT 450CT, Takeuchi TL130 TL140 TL150, and many more. This track is commonly purchased by resellers or end users who are happy with the performance of their original tread pattern.
Suited Applications: Highway, Gravel, Dirt, Sand, Clay, Mud, Turf

Prowler AT Series Rubber Tracks

When the new Prowler AT series track was developed, the end result was a track that provides remarkable performance over many surfaces. The AT track has superior traction and performance in dirt, mud, snow, and sand. This same track is able to tread on lawn and landscape conditions without excessive scarring. This makes it excellent for turf applications.
Suited Applications: Clay, Dirt, Snow, Mud, Turf

Prowler C-Lug Series Rubber Tracks

Prowlers C-Lug is the most aggressive staggered block track in the industry, yet provides a smoother ride. The C-Lug style is better known as an OEM track for Manufacturers like Bobcat, Case, and Mustang. This is an excellent track for operating your Compact Track Loader (CTL) on soft soils such as clay and mud, but continues to provide maximum traction and handling performance over abrasive surfaces such as gravel and concrete.
Suited Applications: Clay, Dirt, Gravel, Highway, Mud, Turf

Prowler EXT Series Rubber Tracks

Extreme Tread is designed for extreme terrain conditions. The performance of the EXT Series is unmatched in our industry. Designed to be unstoppable in the most demanding situations, Prowler’s new EXT Series rubber tracks have the most comprehensive performance design ever offered to the compact track loader. The EXT Series came as an answer to our customers’ constant request for something “out of the ordinary” to use in “out of the ordinary” conditions. The EXTreme Terrain Series Track is designed for hillside, swamp, sand, or anything else that dares to pose a challenge to it.
Suited Applications: Clay, Dirt, Snow, Mud

Why Choose Prowler Rubber Tracks For Your Compact Track Loader?

Compact Track Loader Replacement TracksBobcat Compact Track LoaderCompact Track Loader (CTL) rubber tracks have to be able to take serious abuse! Special consideration must be taken when manufacturing CTL tracks. These tracks need to be durable enough to handle harsh applications.

Prowler rubber tracks for Compact Track Loader (CTL) equipment meet and exceed these design requirements, delivering a rubber track that can outperform even manufacturer OEM tracks.

Prowler’s continuous “splice free” steel cables maximize the overall strength of the track, and keep it from binding or creating a “wave” in the track during the curing process. Prowler Compact Track Loader (CTL) rubber tracks also utilize all natural rubber specially blended with selected synthetics that provide the following benefits:

  • Higher chunking, gouging, and abrasion resistance
  • Better track loader maneuverability and stability over multiple surfaces
  • Lower vibrations throughout your compact track loader
  • Increased service life of your rubber track
  • Better traction and grip over multiple terrains

When you buy rubber tracks from Prowler, we will provide you with the knowledge and resources needed to select the right track for your Compact Track Loader and work environment.

We take great pride in providing exceptional customer service, and “We Always Stand Behind Our Product”. Every CTL rubber track is backed by a 1 year/1000 hour warranty.