Skid Steer Tires and Wheels
View Trac Chief XT Tires

Trac Chief XT

Standard Duty Trac Chief XT Skid Steer Tires

  • 10×16.5 and 12×16.5
  • Reinforced sidewalls
  • Rim guard protection
  • Best use in Clay, Dirt, Mud, Turf Applications
View Guard Dog HD Tires

Guard Dog HD

Heavy Duty Guard Dog HD Skid Steer Tires

  • 10×16.5 and 12×16.5
  • 3-Step self cleaning tread
  • Puncture & abrasion resistant
  • Best use in Clay, Dirt, Mud, Turf Applications
View Ultra Guard Skid Steer Tires

Ultra Guard

Severe Duty Ultra Guard Skid Steer Tires

  • 10×16.5 and 12×16.5
  • Extra deep 44/32″ lugs
  • Massive sidewall protection
  • Best use in Clay, Dirt, Mud, Turf, Gravel Applications
View Ultra Guard MX Tires

Ultra Guard MX

Severe Duty Ultra Guard MX Skid Steer Tires

  • 10×16.5 and 12×16.5
  • Off-road and highway use
  • Extra deep tread lugs
  • Best use in Dirt, Mud, Turf, Gravel, Pavement Applications
View Ultra Guard LVT Skid Steer Tires

Ultra Guard LVT

Severe Duty Ultra Guard LVT Skid Steer Tires

  • 10×16.5 and 12×16.5
  • For highway and hard surface
  • Low void tread area
  • Best use in Turf, Gravel, Pavement Applications
View Prowler Solid Skid Steer Tires

Prowler ProFlex

Severe Duty No Flats Solid Skid Steer Tires

  • 10×16.5 and 12×16.5
  • No flats, no downtime
  • 3X longer service life
  • Best use for Demolition and Scrap Yard Applications

Carlisle Off-Road and Highway Skid Steer Tire Selection

Skid Steer Tire SalesProwler and Carlisle Skid Steer Tires will provide one of the lowest operating costs per hour for off-road use. Manufactured with pure, “All Natural” rubber compounds, beefed up sidewalls and high ply construction, our off-road skid steer tires will provide any contractor, landscaper or farmer the results they need without busting their budget.

The Carlisle Skid Steer Tire line will provide the ultimate solution for all your operational needs. The demand for severe duty skid steer tires with low void and deep tread has never been greater. The quality and design of our tires for skid steers will provide excellent traction and mobility while operating at maximum load capacity. The Pro-Flex solid tires are the best solution for working in or around heavy demolition material, eliminating any chance of flats or costly downtime.

Skid steer tires need to be puncture resistant to eliminate any downtime and durable enough to provide the longest wear, ultimately lowering the cost per hour. Prowler tires are application specific, so as long as you purchase the right tire for your work environment, you will see the return on your investment rather quickly. If you are not sure what tire would work best for you, please contact us and allow our experienced team assists you in selecting the right tires for your skid steer.

American Made Skid Steer Tire Design

Bobcat Skid Steer Tire and Wheel Sales and ServiceA sense of security is what you’ll get when you equip your skid steer with a set of Prowler Skid Steer Tires. Below are some of the benefits of purchasing your skid steer tires from Prowler:

  • All tires are manufactured with virgin natural rubber compounds
  • Full ply construction to reduce risk of damage and extend tire life
  • Wheel guard to help protect against moderate impacts
  • Deep tread lugs provide maximum traction within the most severe applications
  • Self-cleaning, step tread design to maintain traction in wet, muddy conditions
  • Choice of pneumatic or solid skid steer tires
  • Proudly made in the USA

Prowler tires are application specific, so purchase the correct tire for your work environment and you will see excellent return on your investment. Feel free to contact us and allow our experienced team to assist you in selecting the appropriate tires for your machine.

Prowler Skid Steer Tire Selection Durability Chart

Skid Steer Tire Parts & Definitions

Skid Steer Tire Tread
The surface contact portion of the tire. Important for traction and service life.
Tread Lug
Contact surface necessary to provide adequate traction. Also known as the tires “Footprint”.
Tread Void
Provides the space for the lug to flex as it enters and exits the tires footprint. Low void results in high contact area providing higher traction.
Skid Steer Tire Bead
The area where the tire contacts with the wheel creating a tight seal. The bead is reinforced with high strength steel cable and/or wires.
Skid Steer Tire Sidewall
The section of the tire that runs between the tread and the bead. Supports of the load placed upon the tire.
Skid Steer Tire Shoulder
A small portion of the tire that runs between the tread and sidewall.
Skid Steer Tire Ply
Responsible for preventing excessive stretching of the tire. Used to categorize the performance of tires.

Flat-Proof Your Skid Steer Tires

How to seal skid steer tiresProwler Tire Seal offers superior puncture protection and allows your Skid Steer to operate in the toughest environments. Recent testing has proven Prowler Tire Seal to be effective up to 1/2″ punctures, compared to the industry standard of 3/8″.

Prowler Tire Seal is the only tire sealant on the market that contains Dupont™ Kevlar®, a durable, high tenacity fiber that is 5X stronger than steel and is used in bulletproof vests. When the tire is punctured, thousands of strong interlocking fibers clot in and around the puncture to prevent any loss of air.

Prowler Tire Seal has industry-leading rust protection and helps prevent expensive wheel and rim replacements. Prowler Tire Seal is formulated with rust and corrosion inhibitors, as well as a PH buffer that prevents algae build-up, making for easy dismounting and tire replacement.

Kevlar Tire Seal Protection
Superior puncture sealing keeps equipment working in the toughest environments.

Tire Puncture Protection
Reduces the risk of flat tires in remote locations and possible downtime.

All Season Tire Protection
Remains liquid at lower temperatures (-25° F/-32° C), compared to others that freeze as high as 1° F/-17° C.

Increased Skid Steer Tire Protection
Protects Skid Steer rims, valve stems, and steel belts against corrosion.

Heavy and Standard Duty Skid Steer Wheels

We also have Standard and Heavy Duty Skid Steer Wheels that are color matched to you machine’s make, and have the correct offset for your machine’s model. We will pre-mount your tires to the wheels and inflate to the correct tire pressure. They are delivered ready to bolt on and go.

We also have a nice selection of over the tire tracks for skid steer loaders. We can provide both steel and rubber OTT tracks that work perfectly with any of our pneumatic tires that have the R4 tread style.