Excavator Rubber Track Pads by Prowler

Roadliner Rubber Track PadsProwler offers 3 different types of rubber track pads for various applications. Bolt on, Side Mount, and Chain mount are available to fit many models of Excavators, Compact Track Loaders, and dozers with steel track undercarriages. Prowler has rubber pads in stock and ready to ship ranging from 300MM to 800MM in width. Machines with extra wide LGP (Low Ground Pressure) track systems can be special ordered upon request. Rubber track pads can be added to steel tracks to increase traction and protect hard surfaces such as asphalt and concrete, and to minimize turf damage on various worksites. Rubber track pads can also be used for increased traction on hard, abrasive surfaces.

Side-Mount rubber track pads for excavators, often erroneously referred to as “Clip-On” pads, are designed to fit triple grouser steel tracks with or without pre-drilled mounting holes. To ease rubber track pad installation, special hardened mounts are made to fit the rubber pad from the side. In addition to being easy to install, side mount Rubber Track Pads are heavier and contain more rubber and steel than bolt-on pads. This design reduces wear and makes the rubber less likely to become delaminated from the steel. This style often provides longer service life than bolt-on style rubber pads.

Bolt-On excavator track pads are normally used when the existing grouser shoes have pre-drilled holes. Bolt on track pads are bonded to pre-formed metal plates that fit between the steel grousers. These are an economical and durable option when the existing steel tracks are compatible.

Chain Mount rubber track pads are most commonly found on gray market Komatsu Excavators and some newer US machines. Sometimes referred to as “Road Liner” pads, these bolt directly to the steel chain of the undercarriage. These pads can also be used to replace other chain type pads such as those found on newer Caterpillar machines with the “webbed” style CAT pads. Advantages to Chain-mount pads is that the steel portion of the tracks are completely enclosed by the rubber. If a machine’s track brushes against a curb then it will be protected from the side. Chain- mount rubber pads come the closest to mimicking a continuous rubber track while maintaining the durability of a steel undercarriage.

Prowler Excavator Track Pad Styles

Chain Mount Pads

Bolt-On Pads

Clip-On Pads

400mm Chain Mount Pad
300mm Bolt-On Pad
450mm Clip-On Pad
450mm Chain Mount Pad
400mm Bolt-On Pad
500mm Clip-On Pad
500mm Chain Mount Pad
450mm Bolt-On Pad
600mm Clip-On Pad
500mm Bolt-On Pad

Rubber Track Pad Measurement Guide, PDF Downloads

Download the PDF file, print and fill in all of the measurements requested on the sheet. Once completed you can either fax the document back to us, or scan and email it. Our fax number is: 812-662-8928. Thank you!

Double Bar Grouser Measurement Guide
Triple Bar Grouser Measurement Guide
Chain Mount Measurement Guide