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Compact Track Loader Rubber Tracks

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Mini Skid Steer Rubber Tracks

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Multi Terrain Loader Rubber Tracks

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Prowler Premium Grade Replacement Rubber Tracks

Premium Grade TracksWho knew that searching for replacement rubber tracks for your construction machinery could be so exhausting. No matter where you look, everyone is claiming to carry the top product at the best price with the longest warranty. Most of these retailers never lay a hand on the part you order because they are just marketers drop shipping from someone else. Not at Prowler! Prowler is our brand, our product, and we have Over 3,300 Premium Grade Rubber Tracks To Choose From at all times so you’re guaranteed that we will have what you need when you need it.

Lets be honest, if your going to have a legitimate track failure it usually occurs within the first 100 hours of operation anyway. So for another rubber track dealer to tell you they offer a 2 year 2000 hour warranty is complete nonsense. Just try to have warranted a track that’s nearly 2 years old and see what kind of excuse they makeup to avoid it all together. Believe me, we hear all about it from buyers who have experienced this exact same thing.

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Prowler Preimum Grade Rubber Track Design

Highly Durable, Premium Quality Rubber Track Sales and Service

Prowler has been providing durable, premium grade rubber tracks since 1998 and is considered to be one of the first aftermarket distributors in the industry. In a highly competitive industry, we attribute our continued success to:

Quality customer service before and after the sale!

Superior rubber track systems!

Having what our customers need, when they need it!

Todd Swift Sales Manager

Todd Swift, S.M.

Being at the forefront of our industry over the past 20+ years has allowed us to continuously innovate and develop more efficient, longer lasting Rubber Tracks for Skid Steer Loaders and Mini Excavators. Because thousands of customers trust in us each year to keep their construction equipment up and running all season long, it is important that we invest in the highest quality components that make up the Prowler brand.

Prowler Premium Grade Rubber Tracks Versus Standard Grade

Rubber Track Design by LayersStandard grade rubber tracks are typically made from lower quality rubber compounds and are less durable than premium grade tracks. They are often less expensive, but may wear faster, have less traction and grip, and be more prone to punctures and tears. On the other hand, premium grade tracks are made from higher quality rubber compounds and are more durable, offering better performance, longer life, and greater resistance to punctures and tears. They are typically more expensive, but offer better value in the long run due to their superior performance and longer lifespan.

So, what do you look for in a premium grade rubber track system? The four (4) major components are:

  • All Natural Virgin (never used) Rubber
  • FST (Flexural Strength Technology)
  • Vulcanized Rubber Coated High Tensile Continuous Steel Cables
  • Heavy Duty Solid Steel Links

All Natural Virgin Rubber

Natural Rubber CompoundsIt is the utmost importance that you select a manufacturer that uses 100% virgin rubber, and NOT recycled (crumb) rubber. Crumb rubber will begin to flake and split quickly once exposed to weather and stress generated by the drive system, thus reducing its service life and raising your operating cost. In addition, a premium rubber track should be made of natural rubber blended with quality synthetics. This will increase a track’s durability, and give it a much higher resistance to dry rot. Rubber tracks made from natural rubber that is not blended with synthetics will succumb to dry rot caused by sunlight and friction heat up to 3 times faster than blended rubbers.

Flexural Strength Technology (FST)

D Shore RatingPremium quality tracks are composed of a softer compound on the inner layer of the track. This provides the necessary flexibility needed to prevent abnormal wear and tear from constant flexing and engagement with your undercarriage. The harder outer layer of the track is made of compounds with a higher durometer rating. This allows the track to withstand the constant abuse of harsh environments such as rock, dirt, mud, and abrasive surfaces.

Vulcanized Rubber Coated Cables

Continuously Wound CablesEmbedded deep within the track you will find continuous steel cables that have been wrapped with approximately 3/16” vulcanized rubber. This acts as a solid barrier against foreign objects that are capable of penetrating your track. This coating will help protect the steel cables from corrosion and damage despite the eventual and inevitable cuts and punctures your tracks will receive when operating within hazardous applications.

Heavy Duty Steel Links

Heavy Duty Steel LinksSolid steel links, also called lugs, provide a stable rolling path for your undercarriage system. This allows the track to easily withstand the weight of your machine at maximum load as it travels across uneven terrain.

These steel links also helps provide your drive sprocket a solid grip on your track without the worry of slippage.