Frequently Asked Questions

The questions and answers below highlight topics and specific questions that are often asked of us.
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Is my personal information protected?

Yes! We do NOT share your personal information with ANY third party vendor(s). Our website ( is protected by SSL, so all your information processed over the internet is encrypted. You can verify this by looking up in your web browser and noticing the PAD LOCK. (See below)

Safe and Secure Website

You may read more about our Privacy Policy here.


How soon will you ship my purchased product?

All orders are processed Monday through Friday (Holidays Excluded) if ordered before 2:00 PM EST. and shipped the same day. We use only the most qualified and reliable shipping services so that you get your new product quickly without delay.

Where is my items being shipped from?

All items ship from our Headquarters located in Greensburg Indiana, unless otherwise stated. (i.e. partner warehouse)

Our HQ address is:

Prowler Tracks
1220 North Liberty Circle
Greensburg, IN 47240

We do have a Store and Warehouse in Ohio. This address is:

Prowler Tracks of Lancaster
1774 Victor Road
Lancaster, Ohio 43130

Is shipping really free to me?

No. We have estimated our shipping cost already into the quoted price of the product advertised in our store, email, and phone, so no other shipping cost will apply unless we are shipping outside of the lower 48 states, or you are in an area that requires the use of boat, fairy, or aircraft to reach its final destination.

Returns and Exchanges

Can I return my item(s) if I no longer need them?

Yes you may, up to 14 days after purchase. However, if you are returning the item(s) because you no longer need it, you will be responsible for the original shipping cost, plus the return shipping cost. Returned item(s) must be unused, and in NEW condition. If the item(s) has been used, we may have to auction the item(s), which means you will be charged a restocking fee based off the condition of the item(s).

I made a mistake and ordered the wrong part. Can I return or exchange it?

Yes you may. However, if you made the mistake selecting or stating the wrong part, you will be asked to cover the cost of the original shipping expense, and return shipping expense of the wrong item(s) that you ordered.

I think my product is defective. What do I do now?

Please review the parts stated warranty on the products webpage. Then contact us immediately for further directions. (877-477-6953)


Can I save money by calling you directly?

Sometimes we may be able to adjust the price of the products you’re looking to purchase because shipping might be less expensive for us to ship due to the destination location in relation to our Indiana and Ohio warehouse locations.

Please give us a call and lets see if we can help save you some money off our list prices.

I made a purchase, now I see the item is on sale. Can I receive a partial refund for the difference?

Yes, up to 3 days (72 hours) after the item was placed on sale. We are not responsible for contacting customers to make them aware of a sale after sales incentives are posted however.

Do I have to pay Sales Tax

Yes and No……

If you live or work out of state and you pick up directly from one of physical store locations you will be required to pay that County Sales Tax Rate from the store you pick up from unless you are tax exempt.

  • Indiana – 7.0% Decatur County
  • Ohio – 6.75% Fairfield County

If you are tax exempt, you will be required to sign a Tax Exemption form provided by the State from which you are picking up, that includes your Tax ID number.

If you buy on-line from one of our commerce stores the same laws apply.

Beginning in 2019, some states are going to require that we collect sales tax at the time of purchase. Please speak to one of our sales team members to learn more. We will try to list those states here as well once we learn more.

UPDATE (3/1/2019)
Starting 3/1/2019 we will be collecting sales tax for the following States;

  • Colorado – 4.25%
  • Illinois – 6.25%
  • Indiana – 7% (Decatur County Tax Rate)
  • Iowa – 7%
  • Kentucky – 6%
  • Michigan – 6%
  • Minnesota – 6.88%
  • Nebraska – 6.5%
  • North Carolina – 6.75%
  • Ohio – 6.75% (Fairfield County Tax)
  • Oklahoma – 5.25%
  • Pennsylvania – 6%
  • South Carolina – 6%
  • Wisconsin – 5.5%

We must collect sales tax in these states unless you are tax exempt. We must have “in-hand” a copy of your exemption form before we can remove sales tax from any order.

Thank you for your understanding.

Product Techincal Information

Do I need wheel spacers for my new Prowler OTT Tracks?

Before you operate your Skid Steer with Prowler Over The Tire Tracks we need to make sure you have at least 3 inches of clearance between your machine and any point around your tire. (including around the boom)

If you have anything less than 3 inches of clearance we need to add a 2 inch Wheel Spacer to your machine so that we can assure you have no interference with the tracks installed.

How do I measure or read my rubber track size?

You can learn more about How To Read And Measure Rubber Track Sizes by visiting our blog.