Premium Mini Excavator Rubber Track Design

Prowler rubber track systems are rigorously tested before being put into service. Our Excavator Rubber Tracks are designed to OEM specifications for a perfect fit every time. To improve their dependability and durability, they undergo extensive research and design tests to ensure the compounds and materials used during production meet or exceed ISO quality standards. Here are just a few features you will find in every premium grade track we sell:

Prowler Mini Excavator Rubber Track Design
  • A: Deep heat resistant lugs provide excellent traction for multiple applications including mud, dirt, sand, clay, gravel and asphalt.
  • B: Strong embedded steel links provide a smooth rolling path for your excavator’s undercarriage.
  • C: A thick carcass made of all natural rubber and industry leading synthetics provide a reliable chunk and gouge resistant track.
  • D: Continuously wound steel cables, wrapped with 3/16” vulcanized rubber.

Popular Excavator Tread Types for Prowler Mini Excavators Tracks

300x52.5 Excavator Rubber Track
300x55.5 Offset Excavator Rubber Track
320x54 Excavator Rubber Track
350x52.5 Excavator Rubber Track
370x107 Excavator Rubber Track Tread Design
400x72.5 Excavator Rubber Track Tread Design
420x100 Excavator Rubber Track Tread Design
450x83.5 Excavator Rubber Track Tread Design

Taking Advantage Of Your Excavator Rubber Tracks

Mini Excavator With Rubber TracksWhy choosing the right rubber track system for your full size or mini excavator is a vital decision for both owners and operators;

How Rubber Tracks Affect The Excavator Operator

Spending many hours a day behind the controls of a machine can take a mental and physical toll on the operator. We try to alleviate the worry of mobility, and the physical stress placed on the operator by engineering a rubber track that has extreme traction and low vibration. Extra thick lugs provide an excellent grip in soft soils such as dirt, mud, and clay. This gives you the advantage of safely positioning your excavator on less than desirable terrain or grades. The tread footprint and metal drive lug design combine to reduce track vibration while crawling over hard surfaces at both high and low speeds. This allows the operator to be more comfortable when working, and more focused on safety and getting the job done.

Rubber Track Advantage For Excavator Owners And Operators

Guaranteed SatisfactionYour return on investment begins with the materials and components used in the manufacturing of your new excavator rubber tracks, including modern molding and curing processes, and enforced quality control guidelines. The constant stress from torque generated by your machine, terrain hazards, and weather can quickly take a toll on your tracks. Inferior parts and materials also equal a shorter track life. It isn’t cost effective or productive to replace tracks every few hundred hours. You may pay a little more to get a superior quality rubber track, but the return on investment saves you money in the long run. Our tracks reduce downtime, provide a longer service life, and are backed by an 18 month/1500 hour warranty.