Carlisle Guard Dog HD Skid Steer Tire

Guard Dog HD OTR Construction Skid Steer Tire

Prowler Guard Dog Tire
The Prowler Guard Dog HD Skid Steer Tires are our most popular construction tire for off-road applications. Made of high quality rubber and materials, this premium grade puncture and abrasion resistant tire is considered best in it’s class, providing excellent traction and efficiency.

It’s extra deep “3-Step” self cleaning tread lugs will assure any operator that they will get maximum bite within the most extreme environments.

The Guard Dog HD has a high ply rating in both available sizes, including;

  • 10×16.5 – 10ply
  • 12×16.5 – 12ply

These high ply ratings will allow you to run your Skid Steer at maximum load capacity within the most rugged applications. You will also appreciate that this tire has a built in rim protector to help prevent wheel damage from moderate impacts against unforeseen hazards.

If you are running Skid Steer Over The Tire Tracks (OTT Track) on your Skid Steer, we highly recommend the Carlisle Guard Dog Heavy Duty tires. Their deep wide lugs, and re-enforced sidewalls make this the ideal tire for running with your OTT Track System, providing excellent grip, durability, and performance.

Guard Dog HD Skid Steer Tire Rating
Guard Dog HD Tire Closeup
Guard Dog HD Side View
Guard Dog HD Tire on Skid Steer

Guard Dog HD Traction Rating Over Common Applications

Independent Rating compared to other Carlisle Tires (50 equals average, 100 equals best)















Guard Dog HD Tire Specs

Tire Sizes 10×16.5 12×16.5 14×17.5
Ply Rating: 10 12
Diameter: 30.3 32.9
MTD Width: 10.8 12.5
Rim Width: 8.25 9.75
Capacity: 4710 lbs. 6320 lbs.
Max PSI: 75.0 80.0
Weight: 53 78
Tread Depth: 26/32 28/32