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Premium Grade Rubber Track for the Gehl CTL85

Premium Grade TracksMake Prowler your first choice for Premium Grade Quality aftermarket rubber tracks for your Gehl CTL85 Compact Track Loader.

After years of product testing and innovative engineering, Prowler out-perform all other aftermarket brands with our latest technology in mold tooling and rubber formulation. Prowler offers the most modern track structure and tread pattern designs, resulting in unmatched performance, practical usability, and increased service life for construction equipment use.

Prowler’s FST (Flexural Strength Techniques) production process incorporates an inner-layering of rubber made of a lower durometer rubber, providing flexibility for the dynamic portions of the track. The outer layer of the rubber track is constructed with a higher durometer rubber to provide the ultimate level of wear and abrasion protection for your new Gehl CTL85 track.

Our tread patterns are not simply designed for brand identity, they serve four significant purposes;

  • Superior Mobility and Efficiency
  • Reduced Track Wear
  • Lower Vibration
  • Extended Service For Lower Hourly Operating Cost

By bridging weight between load-bearing portions of the iron core center of the track body, Prowler offers a rubber track for construction applications with maximum traction and superior durability.

Prowler’s production facility began producing the annular splice free (continuous cable) rubber track in 1998, upgrading the overall quality and strength of the track. In 2005, Prowler joined with other manufacturers to help engineer a rubber track that would bring together the best of the contributing companies.

Gehl CTL85 Track Size

Make Gehl
Model CTL85
Width (mm) 450
Width (in) 17.7″
Pitch (mm) 100
Links 50
Prowler Premium Grade Rubber Track Design

Gehl CTL85 Tread Options

RD CTL Rubber Track Tread Design
AT CTL Rubber Track Tread Design
C-Lug CTL Rubber Track Tread Design
EXT CTL Rubber Track Tread Design
RD Tread Features and Benefits

RD Tread Design Description

The Prowler RD series (Staggered Block) is an excellent track for operating on hard abrasive surfaces like highways, including over small rocks and gravel. This track has a high durometer rating, with an increased Carbon Black content to make it more gouge and heat resistant. If you are performing power turns on a hot parking lot the rubber on this track won’t break down as quickly as it would on other styles.

AT Tread Features and Benefits

AT Tread Design Description

Prowlers AT series (All Terrain) track is our best Turf Friendly option. This track has a slightly lower durometer rating allowing it to be more forgiving and less likely to scar turf when pivoting or running at low and high speeds. The AT tread has many cutting edges along its footprint too, making it a nice option for pushing snow during the winter months.

C-Lug Tread Features and Benefits

C-Lug Tread Design Description

The C-lug tread is the perfect option to have when you operate on both highway and off-road applications. Its highly durable, and has lots of cutting edges for increased traction and performance. Prowlers notched pad eliminates “stress splits” cause by constant flexing, commonly discovered during colder seasons when the rubber is real tight at fresh starts.

EXT Tread Features and Benefits

EXT Tread Design Description

Lastly the Prowler EXT (Extreme) rubber tracks are by far the most aggressive in the industry, designed for increased performance while operating within mud and snow. The EXT tread provides better maneuverability while operating on soft soils, and provides better gripping power and decreased stopping distances. Operators that push snow during the off season absolutely appreciate the performance of this tread style.

This machine may have optional track widths available that is not shown. Please contact us for more information if so. CTL Tracks range from 300mm to 450mm wide. (11.82 inches to 17.72 inches)