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Top Rated Rubber Tracks For CAT Terrain Loaders

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Prowler Mfg is proud to be one of the largest suppliers for CAT Multi-Terrain Loader replacement rubber tracks that are now used on all the new 2014 CAT production models, such as the 247B Series 3, 257D, 277D, and 287D.

This high quality design utilizes Aramid fibers which is much stronger than any other track of it’s kind, significantly reducing stretching cause by constant flexing and strain place directly on it’s non-metal core.

Prowler Cat MTL Tracks

If your operating any of the older CAT MTL machines we have you covered too. We supply this same premium track system for the 247b, 257b, 267b, 277b, and 287b.

Get The Most Out Of Your New CAT MTL Rubber Tracks

All to often we see and hear where lugs are being ripped from inside their tracks. Most often this is related to faulty or damaged sleeves located within the drive wheel, (aka: “Squirrel Cage”), allowing it to spin inside the track, damaging or ripping out a series of lugs.

When replacing your old tracks, be sure to inspect your inner and outer sleeves to make sure they have no more than 3/16ths” of play in them, and that they spin freely. If not, we encourage you to replace them.

Be sure to always check your tension in your track as well, keeping the correct amount of slack in the track as recommended by the manufacturer.

Watch How MTL Rubber Tracks and Undercarriage are Installed

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