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Prowler EXT Snow and Mud Rubber Tracks

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CTL Rubber Tracks Mud SnowWinter is just right around the corner, and if your planning on running your skid steer loader to push snow during the cold season it’s time to start considering replacing or upgrading your rubber tracks for a more efficient track system. Prowler offers the industry’s unique winter track option with our EXT tread design. These “EXTREME” tracks provide a serious bite, allowing you to start, stop, and maneuver much more efficiently compared to other tread designs. It’s simply amazing, your track loader will push like never before in these conditions. The EXT tread pattern provides superior traction, and cleans out in mud and snow with its V shaped tread bars. You’ll come to appreciate the increased performance your machine will exhibit while operating on uneven, slippery, slushy, snow covered terrain.

Prowlers AT series track is another option you will have if your looking for a multi-purpose track to run both this winter and spring. This multi-bar design works very well in snow, and exceptionally well on lawn turf. Lot’s of landscapers will choose the AT series tracks just for that purpose.

Prowler also offers the original OEM style “C” and “D” patterns, as well as a complete line of undercarriage parts and rubber tracks for multi-terrain loaders and mini excavators. Give Prowler Tracks a call today at 1-877-477-6953.

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