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Premium Grade C Lug Rubber Tracks Vs. Generic Brands

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Over the last year our service department has been seeing an increase in Generic Brand Rubber Tracks coming in to be replaced because the tracks have been prematurely wearing. Specifically, we’ve seen more Compact Track Loader C-Lug rubber tracks coming in that always split in the pad area. It sickens us to see more and more Generic brands being circulated within our industry by manufacturers that make these generic tracks just to turn a buck, and less concern about the hours they will actually provide versus a premium grade track that at times cost the same or just slightly more. The Dealers who sell these tracks just don’t seem to care to point these types of things out, so we’re going to show you what we are taking about so you can be a bit more informed when selecting your next new track brand.

As seen in the image below is the Premium Prowler Rubber Track (left) and a Generic Brand (right), both a C-Lug Series rubber track.
premium versus generic
We circled the area of concern that seem to always split depending on it’s quality. Any premium grade track will notch this area out so that when constantly flexing while in operation, during hot and cold days, this area does not split. The Green Circle shows the notch, and the Red Circle shows where the notch is missing. This small attention to detail from actual research and design will will help prevent your C-Lug rubber track from splitting, increasing the service life of your track.

Other factors that come into play when selecting a quality rubber track over brands are;

  • Natural rubber versus crum
  • Continuous steel cords versus overlapped or spliced
  • Vulcanized wrapped cords versus none
  • Synthetic quality and durability
  • Molding process
  • Quality standards

Over the past 5 years we’ve seen to many resellers come into the market and start stocking and/or drop shipping tracks from other distributors who buy their tracks overseas that could careless about actual quality. They will take your money, but try to reach them when you notice a problem.

We wont pretend that premium grade tracks wont ever have issues, but we can assure you that if you do we will be here to help you should you ever have a defective track unlike these other sellers.

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