Extreme Duty Hydraulic Angle Broom Attachment

Side Rear View of Angle BroomOur Power Angle Broom is hydraulically driven and is ideal for an effective way to sweep away dirt, light snow and other debris. The Angle Broom Attachment is available in 72″ and 84″ widths and comes with hydraulic angle. The broom is powered by a reversible Parker Motor, has an 8″ core and 26″ wafer.

Shipped with standard Poly Brushes. Steel wafers are available upon request but you must contact immediately before or after the purchase.

This broom can sweep up to 84″ when angled. Actual overall width is approx. 8 ft. Comes with hoses and new style flat face couplers.

  • Available with manual or hydraulic angle
  • Your choice of poly or steel wafers
  • Available sizes: 48″, 60″, 72″, 84″ (Call for availability)
  • Cylinder size: 2″ x 6″
  • Broom Angles left & right
  • Optional 10″ core 32″ wafer
  • Optional universal, 8 pin or 14 pin wiring harness

Hydraulic Angle Broom Attachment Specs

Weight (72″): 890 lbs.
Weight (84″): 924 lbs.
Attachment Type: Universal Quick Attach
Brush Hieght: 26.0″
Overall Height: 29.79″
Overall Length: 62.0″
Max Angle: 22.62°
Angle Direction: Left and Right
Broom Wafer Options: Steel, Poly, Half and Half
Warranty: 1 Year